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An exploration of the history and tradition of the Italian immigrant garden, with a focus on Little Italy CLE.

About this event
Join Pamela Dorazio Dean for a discussion and exploration of the history and tradition of the Italian immigrant gardens that were first cultivated in the United States during the early 20th century. The presentation will include a special focus on the immigrant gardens of Cleveland’s Little Italy.

About Pamela Dorazio Dean
Pamela Dorazio Dean has a BA and MA in history from Kent State University and is a certified archivist. She has been serving as the curator of Italian American history at the Western Reserve Historical Society in Cleveland for over 16 years. She is a regular contributor to two Italian American newspapers, La Gazzetta Italiana and La Nostra Voce. In partnership with Hon. Basil M. Russo and the Italian Sons & Daughters of America, Pamela recently established and opened the Italian American Museum in the heart of Cleveland’s Little Italy and serves as its director.


This FREE program is presented by the Italian American Museum of Cleveland, founded in 2020 in partnership with the Italian Sons & Daughters of America.

Through world-class exhibits, immersive programs and 21st-century collaboration, IAMCLE bridges generations and connects people to the Italian Americans that contributed and helped to create our storied city and region.

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